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When are All Teeth Implants Used?

When are All Teeth Implants UsedAll teeth implants are used when a patient is missing all of their teeth in either the upper or lower arch. An implant-supported fixed bridge or an implant-supported overdenture are the two most common options for replacing all of the teeth with implants. Being fit with full mouth dental implants usually takes several visits to the dentist.

In order to be able to receive full mouth dental implants, it is necessary that the patient has enough strength and density in their jawbone to support the implants. If it is found that a patient does not meet this requirement, a bone graft can be done to build their jaw back up. It can take several months for the bone graft to heal to the point that it will be able to support implants.

The placement of the implants requires a surgical procedure. Although it may vary depending on the patient, usually 4-6 dental implants are capable of supporting either a fixed bridge or an overdenture. The gums will be cut open at the sites at which the implants will be placed. The dentist will then drill a hole deep into the jawbone at each of these sites. The metal post portion of the implant will then be placed into each hole and the gums will be closed back up over the implant. It usually takes several months to heal and allow the implants to osseointegrate with the bone.

If the implants did not already have abutments attached, then another surgery will be required to place the abutments onto the implants. During this surgery, the gums will be cut back open to reveal the implants. The abutments will then be attached and the gums will be closed around the abutments, but will not cover them. It takes a few weeks to recover from this surgery. If the abutments were already attached to the implants, this surgery is not required.

After you are fully healed, you will be fit with either a fixed bridge or a removable overdenture.


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