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Tooth Loss in People with Diabetes

Tooth Loss in People with DiabetesWhile some people think that getting older always leads to the loss of teeth, this does not necessarily have to be the case. In all reality, a lifetime of using proper oral hygiene can significantly increase your chances of keeping your teeth. Proper oral hygiene includes regularly brushing and flossing, along with going to the dentist twice a year for an exam and cleaning. Recent research indicates that proper oral hygiene is especially important for people suffering from diabetes.

A recent study indicates that people with diabetes are at twice the risk of losing their teeth as people without diabetes. For people with diabetes, controlling gum disease can be a lot harder. Diabetes makes the person more susceptible to bacterial infection, meaning that it becomes harder for them to fight the bacteria that causes gum disease in the first place. It has also been found that gum disease may actually make it harder for the diabetic to effectively control their blood glucose levels. Thus, not only is gum disease harder to control for a diabetic, but it may also contribute to the advancement of diabetes. This is why it is so vital for diabetics to practice good oral hygiene.

If you have lost any teeth due to complications suffered from diabetes, contact our expert in dental implants procedure in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation. They will also be able to advise you on how best to treat any underlying health issues that may be contributing to your tooth loss.


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