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Right Candidates for Dental Implants

Right Candidates for Dental ImplantsDental implants are a great choice for almost anyone who is missing one or more teeth. Implants may be right for you if your jawbone has fully finished growing, you are in good general health, have good dental health and have lost a tooth or teeth to periodontal disease, injury or tooth decay. However, only a skilled dental implants dentist can review your case and tell you for sure.

At your consultation, we will look over your dental and medical history. We will ask several questions to ensure that we provide you with the safest implant procedure possible.

Here are a few of the questions we will ask:
• Do you smoke?
• Do you want to avoid removable dentures?
• Do you want to preserve healthy tooth structure whenever possible?
• Do you have any chronic health problems?
• Do you have a history of grinding your teeth?
• Do you take any prescription or over-the-counter medications?

None of these factors are necessarily a contraindication to dental implants, but if you smoke or have certain health issues, we will need to take additional steps in maintaining your health and ensure a successful outcome.

Dental implants are considered safe, effective and one of the most predictable procedures in modern dentistry. We will place the implants during a simple outpatient procedure. Once they have healed and become fused with the jawbone, we can restore your old natural tooth using crowns, bridges or dentures. Call us today to learn more about your candidacy or to schedule your appointment with our expert in Dental implants in Los Angeles.


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Right Candidates for Dental Implants