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Pictures of Dental Implants

pictures of dental implantsYou may notice when looking at pictures of dental implants that it is nearly impossible to determine if they are real or not. Implants are attached to the jawbone and act much like the natural roots of teeth. This allows the implant to rest in the gums, which leads to an incredibly natural appearance. Implants can also be used just like natural teeth, which leads to greater confidence when smiling, eating or talking.

If you are checking out pictures of dental implants, you may have noticed that one or many teeth can be replaced with them. This is because dental implants are extremely versatile. A single implant works well with porcelain crowns while several strategically placed implants can support bridges or dentures. We will work with you to find the best implant solution for your smile needs.

Those in our pictures of dental implants lost teeth due to one of several different issues, including periodontal disease, tooth decay and dental accidents. Regardless of the reason for your tooth loss, implants can restore your smile beautifully and healthfully. Any untreated dental disease will need to be addressed before your implants can be placed. If you have lost bone tissue or simply have inadequate bone tissue, we may recommend undergoing grafts or regeneration procedures before having the implant placed.

If you are ready to take the next step in your implants journey, we can help. Give us a call today to see more pictures of dental implants or to schedule an appointment with our expert in dental implants in Los Angeles.

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