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Importance of Taking Care of Dental Implants

Importance of Taking Care of Dental ImplantsThe best replacement option currently available for missing teeth is dental implants. While they are extremely strong and resistant to decay, it is extremely important that you take proper care of them if you want to last as long as possible.

Well-maintained dental implants are capable of lasting an entire lifetime, but this is only true if you properly maintain them. The good news is that caring for dental implants is very similar to how you care for your natural teeth. You will need to brush at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, and visit the dentist every six months for a professional exam and cleaning. The implants themselves are resistant to decay, but the living tissues surrounding them are still very much vulnerable to its effects. With a natural tooth, it is possible to develop gum disease if you do not adequately remove the plaque and tartar from along your gumline. With implants, a similar type of infection is possible that is called peri-implantitis.

If you develop peri-implantitis, you are at risk of your gums and jawbone receding. If you lose enough of the living tissue that is supporting the implant, then it is possible for your implant to fail. In addition to practicing proper oral hygiene, it is important to quit smoking once you receive dental implants. Smoking while you are healing after the implant placement surgery can prevent the implant from fusing with the bone. Smoking even after the implant and the bone have fused will increase your chances of developing peri-implantitis. Contact our dental implants dentist if you have any questions about taking care of your dental implants.


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