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Hygiene Tips for Dental Implants

Dental Implants Hygiene TipsGood dental hygiene is just as important for dental implants as it is for natural teeth. The porcelain restoration will not decay, but the gums are still vulnerable to infection from oral bacteria. Plaque can contain millions of oral bacteria, which can irritate and infect the sensitive gum tissues. The redness and swelling of early gingivitis can lead to inflammation in the implant site, which can cause resorption of bone tissue and compromise the strength of the implant. This is especially true right after the implant and restoration has been placed.

1. Diet
Eat soft foods for a few days or as suggested, and avoid anything too sticky or chewy. These types of snacks could leave more residue to feed oral bacteria.

2. Frequent checkups
We will need to assess how well you are healing periodically after the implant has been placed. The implant fuses to the bone rather than the connective tissues, which means that there could be less blood flow and a higher risk of inflammation. Careful dental care can help you avoid this problem.

3. Proper brushing techniques
Good brushing is one of the best ways to prevent infection or other complications. Remember to brush at least twice a day, and use an electric toothbrush if manual dexterity is a problem for you. Fluoride toothpaste can help combat oral bacteria and keep any remaining natural teeth stronger.

4. Flossing
If you have a single implant along with natural teeth, you can use normal dental floss to clean between your teeth daily. If you have other types of restorations or no remaining teeth, you may need to use a dental flossing tool or an interdental cleaner to adequately clean around the restorations and implants.

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