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Dental Implants Patients

Dental Implants PatientsMost people who are missing one or more teeth may be considered a suitable dental implants patient. That being said, there are some factors that may prohibit a patient from receiving dental implants.

In order to be considered a good candidate for dental implants, a patient must have good oral health. Uncontrolled gum disease will prevent a patient from being able to have implants placed. The main reason for this is because there is a surgery involved in placing dental implants, and the ability to heal properly from the surgery is especially important. Gum disease will prevent the implants from properly fusing with the bone. If your gum disease is cleared up, though, then you may once again be considered a good candidate for dental implants.

Smoking is a condition that will also make it much harder for the implant to fuse with the bone. In fact, smoking can be a leading cause of gum disease. Alcoholism may also prevent a patient from receiving dental implants. Patients who are suffering from systemic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes or cancer may also not be considered good candidates for dental implants, as these conditions also make proper healing much more difficult.

Another condition that will affect your ability to receive dental implants is not having the necessary strength and density in your jawbone to be able to support dental implants. For these patients, a bone graft surgery can be performed to give their jawbones the needed strength. It may take up to nine months after the surgery before you will heal enough to be able to have the implants placed.

If you are wondering if you would make a good patient for dental implants, contact our dental implants doctor to schedule a consultation.


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