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Biggest Dental Problems for People over 50

Biggest Dental Problems for People over 50While the good news is that many more people today are able to keep their teeth into old age, there are certain dental issues that seem to be more common with people over 50.

Tooth crowding is an issue that seems to plague this age group, as it is unfortunately natural for your teeth to start shifting more as you age. While you may or may not care about the change this makes in your looks, you should definitely care about the implications it has for your oral health. When teeth are out of alignment, it is generally much harder to clean them. This can lead to tooth decay and ultimately a higher risk of periodontal disease. The fix for this issue may be more frequent professional cleanings by your dentist, or you may benefit from orthodontics if your teeth have severely shifted.

Dry mouth is another issue that affects those over the age of 50. In many cases this is because older adults are required to take more medications for a variety of ailments they may be suffering from. In fact, dry mouth is one of the more common side effects of a lot of different medications. A lack of saliva can be more than just uncomfortable. Saliva helps to prevent demineralization due to the calcium and phosphate present in it. It also helps clean out harmful bacteria. Therefore, having less saliva can result in a higher instance of tooth decay. Drinking water more frequently and chewing certain sugar-free gums can help with dry mouth in many cases.

Watching out for these types of conditions can help you keep your teeth longer. If you do lose a tooth, a dental implant is considered to be the best replacement option. If you are in need of a tooth replacement, be sure to contact our dental implants dentist to schedule a consultation.


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