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Average Cost of Dental Implants Los Angeles

Average cost of dental implants los angelesThe average cost of dental implants in Los Angeles is a popular topic among patients who are missing teeth. A missing tooth or many missing teeth can make it hard to eat the things you want to eat, and you may feel uncomfortable about the way you look. Your dental health may also be at risk. Replacing those teeth with dental implants can give you a reliable, permanent restoration that feels, looks, and acts just like your natural teeth.

When we meet a patient for the first time, we ask about his or her goals. Many people want a smile that looks better or more flattering, but you may also want teeth that do not slip when you eat or a prosthetic device that blends naturally with the rest of your smile. You may want a more secure retention option for your dentures, or you may want teeth that are easier to clean than bridges. Dental implants may be right for you. After talking to you and examining your teeth, gums and jawbones, we can provide you with an estimate of our average cost of dental implants in Los Angeles.

Cost of Dental Implants Los Angeles

A dental implant works much like your natural teeth. It consists of a screw-like device that is made of titanium. This is the actual implant. Once this device is implanted, the bone tissue begins to grow around it. It essentially fuses with the implant to create a new tooth root. A porcelain crown can then be used to replace the crown of your lost tooth. The crown is attached to the implant with an abutment. In patients who are missing several or all of their teeth, bridges and dentures may be used instead of crowns. Ask your dentist about the average cost of dental implants in Los Angeles.

The benefits of dental implants are extensive. They help keep the bone tissue strong and healthy, and they do not slip, click, or slide. You can brush and floss them the same way you brush and floss your own teeth, and you can eat everything you love. The average cost of dental implants in Los Angeles is often covered by dental insurance, but financing options are available that can help you better afford this healthy option. Call us today to find out more about replacing your teeth with dental implants or to schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles dental implants expert.