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Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles

affordable dental implants los angelesDental implants offer you a way to replace missing teeth without affecting healthy teeth. They are a permanent restoration; once they have integrated with the jawbone, they will not need to be replaced. They also have the highest success rate of any restoration, with 95 percent of people still using their implants 15 years after placement. Our provider of affordable dental implants in Los Angeles can help you decide if dental implants are right for you.

You may be a candidate for dental implants if you:

• Want a permanent restoration that does not shift or need regular adjustments
• Are missing one, several, or all of your teeth
• Have good dental health
• Have good general health
• Have adequate bone density at the implant site

At your appointment, our provider of affordable dental implants in Los Angeles may take your dental and medical history and ask about any medications you use. This ensures that we can customize your treatment plans to your needs and protect your well-being at each stage of treatment. Once we have designed your treatment plan, we can proceed with your implant surgery.

Implants are normally placed on an outpatient basis. Our provider of affordable dental implants in Los Angeles will provide you with aftercare instructions that promote healing and reduce the risk of infection. In most cases, there will be a period between the placement of the implants and the final restoration during which the implant will be allowed to fuse to the jaw. However, temporary restorations are generally placed to fill the gap as you wait for the implants to securely integrate with the jawbone.

Several things can affect your final cost, including the number of implants you need, the type of restorations you choose, and any additional treatments such as bone and gum grafts that are necessary to complete the treatment. Dental insurance may cover a part of your cost. Our provider of affordable dental implants in Los Angeles can provide you with an estimate of your cost and explain available financing options and payment plans.

If you are missing teeth, we can help. Call us now to learn more about our cost of dental implants or to schedule your consultation.